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Jennifer Lane CFP
I founded Compass Planning Associates 25 years ago as a fee-only financial consulting firm. Being “fee-only” means our clients are the only people that pay us: Our first loyalty is to them. We’re fee-only because people need access to financial advice that isn’t transaction based -- contingent on a buying a product or investing in a fund.

Over the years, we’ve helped clients from across the wealth spectrum meet their goals as easily as possible. We’ve learned a lot from them and hope to share some of that here with you.

A few years ago I wrote "The Everything Get Rich Book" about how to create financial savvy and get to your version of "rich." My new book, in the same series, "The Everything Personal Finance in your 40's and 50's Book," came out last December. My newest book, "The Complete Idiots Guide to Protecting your 401k and IRA" hit bookstores this past March. (Why did I write two books in one year? I have no idea other than I had a bunch of stuff I needed you all to know...immediately!)

Here’s the disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are mine alone. Not every situation discussed here will work for you. Be sure to research things for yourself and understand the tax and other ramifications before you do anything with your money.