Welcome! Let me start our final newsletter of 2020 by saying to each and every one of you: Thank you for being our clients.
I started Compass Planning 24 years ago because I thought better money management could go a long way towards building people’s happiness and resilience. Money does not fix everything, but managing resources thoughtfully can help make our world, and the world of those around us, a better place.
Together, over the years, we have been through happy times and tough times with our clients. This year has certainly been one of those tough times. With the lock-down in March and social distancing guidelines since then, I appreciate your moving with us to meeting virtually. We’ve now Zoomed, WebEx’d, Join.me’d, FaceTimed, and conference called with everyone. Your patience in this process has been wonderful. Thank you!
In January and February we welcomed two new team members, Josh Weiss and Theresa Stevens, and, happily, Sharry Li returned as our intern, then joined our full-time staff in May after her graduation from Boston University. Josh, Theresa, and Sharry represent the next generation of financial planners. Thanks for supporting them. The lessons they learn this year will go far in making them exceptional planners in the future.
Early in the year, an older client told me that the pandemic was this generation's World War II. I think she has a point. The uncertainty of how long this is going to last, our worry about our loved ones, and the continuous economic uncertainty has been hard on everyone. I hope that, like the generation that brought us through that war, we can all be made better, more tolerant, and more understanding of each other than we were before.
Here’s to a happy, healthy, and better year ahead of us! I know we can get through this together.